About Us

Greenbank Environmental Inc. is a leading and innovative consulting firm offering expertise in fisheries and environmental services.  Greenbank was established in 1996 and became incorporated in 2008.

We provide our clients with site-specific environmental solutions that effectively minimize environmental impacts at every stage of the project life-cycle in order to meet, or exceed legislated federal, provincial and municipal quality standards.  On all our projects we conduct our work respecting our client's needs, budget and schedule.  Greenbank has years of experience consulting First Nations, and Crown and private corporations in Lower Mainland British Columbia.  Our specialization is in fisheries and environmental services including, but not limited to providing consultation for Fisheries Stock Assessments, Fisheries Compensation, Environmental Assessments, Environmental Management Plans, Emergency Response Planning, Erosion and Sediment Control Planning, and Environmental Monitoring for Construction Sites.

Our personnel is comprised of Qualified Environmental Professionals with experience delivering assessment, monitoring, management and compensation services to First Nations, private industry and the public sector in British Columbia.

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